2018 Coffee Shop Awards


2018 Coffee Shop Awards    |   January 9th 2019

2018 Coffee Shop Awards

Axenic Team

Self Explanatory

Our work puts us in some of the best settings worldwide, we get to enjoy great food with amazing clients - and spend an unhealthy amount of time downing amazing cappuccinos. We thought we would share some our favorite Coffee Shops of 2018  - Based on environment, the coffee,

workability (setting up a laptop for a few hours) and the staff.  Without further ado, the best Coffee Shops of 2018.

Sketch London

A place for food, drink and captivating art. Sketch has arguably some of the best interior design in any restaurant/cafe around the world. Come for the afternoon tea, stay to explore the art and different themed rooms. Even the bathrooms are out of this world.


PS.  Book in advance this place fills up quick! Try the black truffle scrambled eggs, with their fresh squeezed juice.

No Ghost Bears, Los Angeles

So much can be said about this hidden gem located in the Los Angeles, Fashion District. If you're lucky enough to find this place, then you will be greeted by some of the most talented artists, local musicians, amazing people simply just trying to live life and serve amazing coffee. Serving Suits and Knives Coffee, another local coffee brand this place makes a mean latte and usually has an amazing assortment of delicious vegan donuts.

PS. Seating is limited, this is a pick up and go spot - but stay awhile, chat with the amazing staff.

Palazzo Versace, Dubai

While touristy, the Palazzo Versace’s maximalist style that captures the iconic brand provides a good atmosphere for coffee and desserts. There’s multiple bars and lounges to grab a cappuccino, but we recommend sitting outdoors to admire the weather. This place may be a great flex on Instagram, but also serves some of the best coffee and pastries around. Great place to set up a laptop and work the day away.

Volume Cafe, Florence

Formally a workshop for a Wood Sculptor, this cafe feels like you’re walking into a woodshop class, but in a good way. There’s great ambiance and great aperitivo. If you don’t know what aperitivo is, it’s an Italian tradition similar to happy hour. It’s usually between the hours of 7-9pm, and it consists of ordering a drink at the bar to kickstart your appetite, then enjoying either a buffet or platters of appetizers on the house, because you ordered a drink. Basically, if you order a cocktail you get food with it. You’re welcome.

Münger Cafe, Lugano Switzerland

A small and incredibly pink-themed bakery and cafe tucked in the streets of Lugano is home to some of the best baked goods the Axenic team has had in Switzerland. If you ever find yourself boating on Lake Lugano (of all places), don’t forget to stop by this place and snag a breakfast pastry.

La Casa Del Caffee Tazza, Rome

This iconic espresso bar is on many touristy checklists, but it’s worth it. The quality of the drinks and the bustling atmosphere make it worth a visit, plus the price point is great for such a popular cafe.

Barettino, Berlin

Barettino is one of those cafe’s you would stumble across without looking for it in particular. But we’re changing all of that and telling you to go seek it out. With excellent coffee, pastries and sandwiches all at affordable prices, the menu is enough to tempt a visit. This cafe also hosts late-night shows from local musicians, poets and performers. The atmosphere is like being invited into a family home where everyone knows each other, and no conversation topic is off-limits.

Cafe De Paris, Monaco

This legendary Cafe has been talked about on a global scale, and for good reason. While a bit pricey and touristy, the Cafe De Paris is still a great place to order espresso and enjoy the atmosphere. From the stunning interiors to the picturesque views from just outside the building, make it a point to stop here if you ever find yourself in Monte Carlo.

Analog Coffee, Calgary

This Calgarian chain boasts some of the best coffee you’ll ever drink, and they aren’t exaggerating. Its popularity has spread far and wide, and Analog has been steadily expanding to accommodate the demand for their perfect-quality brews. Analog is a great mix of the instagram-worthy aesthetic people search for in cafes, and the place to get a no-frills, great cup of coffee.

Karsmakers Coffee House, Brussels

A cafe with an energizing work atmosphere and amazing bagels is expected in NYC, but Karsmakers in Brussels surprisingly delivers. This is a great place to get work done and get great coffee, hot or iced, any time of the year. The line to order and get a table is so long during lunchtime, it’s often out the door. Be sure to check it out in the AM to grab a table and whip out your laptop for a long work session.