Project Application




 Project Application

Axenic provides two solution-based packages for our clients:


Our primary goals with each project are usually the following.


Investment Packages



Single Service Packages


Axenic will invest creative services into your brand on an annual contract. Our goal will be to increase brand revenue or visibility in your respective marketplace. Axenic will make a risk-based investment in your company in exchange for revenue share or % of growth. We're the venture capitalists of the creative agency world.


The consolidation phase is crucial to the success of a brand, company, product or artist. In this phase, we assess your current brand and market placement. Axenic will then make modifications or changes to help increase visibility or efficiency based on your market.

Most clients come to us with a vision, a mental picture in their head of what they want their brand, company or art to portray. We will help bring structure to this vision - Whether it's a re-brand of a company that's been around for 30+ years, or a brand new venture.

- Logo Design


- Iconography


- Tonality


- Color Study

- Packaging


- Store Front / Display Design


- Stationary


- Interior Design

Single services are individual creative services provided at the standard industry rate. Simply select the service from our menu, and we'll do the rest. This works well with teams that are trying to integrate Axenic into a larger picture or project scope.

We work well with others.


Usually after the consolidation phase, we focus our efforts on expansion phase. Entering new markets, pushing products global or enhancing viability through marketing campaigns or digital campaigns.



Your voice, your mission and your beliefs. Axenic will help ensure that your voice is heard. There's many ways to market a product, and many obstacles to overcome with any venture. We will guide you through this process. You define the goal, we will define the solution.

- Marketing Sprints


- Market Placement


- Market Assessment


- Digital Marketing

- Digital Advertising


- Product Placement


- Brand Sponsorships


- Influencer Partnerships

- Public Relations


- Foreign Expansion Plans


- Press Releases


- Social Media Management

Experience Design

2019, the age of the pop-up shop and the social media influencer. In this day and age your brand, and the experience revolving around the brand is essential in expansion and growth. Translate the message you're promoting in your marketing materials to a real life experience.

- Event Planning


- Event Promotion


- Stage Design


- Stage Lighting, Lasers & Pyrotechnics

- AR/VR Activations


- Pop-Up Shops


- Set Design


- Interior Design

Visual Documentation

Content, Content, Content. It's important to document your experiences, your message or event properly. We specialize in visual production and documentation. This could relate to producing your next music video, documenting a tour or your event.

- Music Videos


- Lifestyle Photography


- Fashion Photography


- Tour Documentation

- VR Video


- Production


- Post-Production


- Equipment Rentals

Business Administration

Your team, the people around you that will build you up. Axenic can help with management, or staffing solutions to teams. We will help identify areas of improvement on current management strategies and put an action plan in place to grow.

 - Team Management


- Client Pipelines


- User Stories


- Tech Solutions

- Project Management


- Expansion Plans


- Team Building






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Project Application


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